What Is Radon ?

Radon is formed by the natural breakdown process of uranium soil, water, and rock. This is an extremely radioactive gas and can enter your body through the air your breath in and can cause serious problems to you and your family members. You can find radon gas simply anywhere and it can enter any building naturally through the air and can build up in high levels at offices, homes and schools affecting the people inside. That is why it is extremely important that you get in touch with an ann arbor home inspector and get your building inspected at all costs.


We at Home Inspector Ann Arbor know that radon is one of the prime risk factors to your health which can be a serious problem in your house or office building.

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What Should I Know About Radon?

Radon is a very dangerous and cancer-causing radioactive gas and has no smell. You can’t even see it with your naked eyes or taste it and thus it is very difficult to detect its presence in the normal way. Whenever you breathe in air that contains radon your chance of getting lung cancer increases by several times. As per reports radon is the second largest contributor to lung cancer globally. Get in touch with Homeinspectorannarbor.com as soon as possible in order to protect you and your family from this dangerous gas.

Should I test for Radon?

Yes, you should definitely get your home tested by a home inspector in order to find out the presence of radon gas in your house and its level. It is the only way through which you can find the presence of radon gas in your house. It is generally recommended to test rooms below the third floor of buildings to detect radon gas.

Can I fix a Radon Problem?

Yes, Ann Arbor home inspectors can definitely fix the radon gas problem at your house. If you feel you are having a high level of radon gas in your house or office building get in touch with us for a quick resolution to your problem.

Should I be concerned with Radon when I’m in the process of buying a home?

Yes, it is highly recommended by the EPA (Environment Protection agency) that you should get the radon level checked of the building which you are planning to buy for your own safety. The EPA has also published a “The Home Buyer’s and Seller’s Guide” which you can obtain from State Health Departments or Regional EPA offices listed in your local phone book. It is also recommended that you get your home tested only through a certified and licensed radon tester like Home Inspector Ann Arbor for the best results. If the excess level of radon gas is found at your home immediate steps must be taken to reduce it.

What are the Risk Factors associated with Radon?

Radon is a very risky gas and continued exposure can increase the chances of getting lung cancer by several times. Thus it is highly recommended that you get your home tested. If the radon level exceeds 4 pCi/L it should be fixed immediately.

How Does Radon Enter the Home?

Generally, you have a low air pressure at your home when compared to the air pressure outside in the soil and thus room becomes just like a vacuum and pulls in radon from the openings and foundation cracks of your house. Radon can also be present in well water and enters your house when the same water is used for household uses and showering.


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  • Water supply
  • Wall cavities
  • Construction joints
  • Service pipe gaps
  • Solid floor cracks
  • Suspended floor gaps
  • Wall cracks

By now you have become well aware of the risks associated with radon gas. Get in touch with us  to protect your home today.

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