Home Inspector Ann Arbor is the number one name for home inspection services. We are the best home inspectors and can prove all-round services for your entire home. We provide the following services:


Home Buyers

You need to understand your home thoroughly before you go for buying it.


Home Sellers

You can arrange for a home inspection before you sell it in order to ensure proper remedies to issues.


Home Owners

As a homeowner should take proper care and ensure that all the issues are solved before they escalate further.

Ann Arbor home inspector can provide you home inspection services starting with an attractive rate of $350 only. We are one of the prime providers of home inspection services. Get in touch with us at Homeinspectorannarbor.com for a hassle-free experience. Your search for the ideal home inspection near me is now over. We will do a thorough and complete analysis of your entire house or building and look out for major system defects. We will do the complete inspection of your entire building which includes the following:

House structural damage

We will look out at the visible areas of the foundation of your house namely the floors, columns, walls, and foundations.

Electrical inspection services Ann Arbor

Home inspection ann arbor misses no parts of the house and takes complete care of your sub-panels, main panels, grounding, service entrance, outlets, branch circuits, GFCI outlets, and we also detect any visible electrical hazard which might be dangerous for your home.

Hvac inspection Ann Arbor

We do a complete component description, and remarks on the overall condition of the system, visible parts of the combustion system, air conditioning components, supply and discharge lines, visible venting and ductwork, registers, airflow, filters, humidifiers, controls and thermostats.

Exterior home inspection Ann Arbor

Ann arbor home inspection leaves nothing behind and covers the entire exterior area of the house which includes drainage and grinding, retaining walls, exterior walls, patios, entrances, stairs, hand railings, decks and railings, patio covers, walkways, driveways, eaves, soffits and fascias, doors, windows, trim, gutters, downspouts, extensions, the main attached or detached parking structure and garage door openers.

Plumbing inspection Ann Arbor

We take total responsibility of your plumbing system and our thorough inspection includes main water supply/meter, accessible distribution lines and drains, fixtures, vents, functional flow in all bathrooms, water heater and sumps with accessible floats.

Maintenance And Safety

We at Home inspection ann arbor take the safety aspect very seriously and thus undergo location and identification of water, shut off locations for electricity and fuel, CO alarm systems and smoke, fall hazards, checks for gas leak, railings, trip hazard and other safety aspects of your house which are identified at the time of inspection.

Poor house ventilation

It is often noticed that many homeowners seal their homes thoroughly thinking of saving energy, but that ends in the trapping of the excess moisture inside their houses resulting in rotting and failure of structural and the non-structural elements.

Roof inspection Ann Arbor

Roof is the main shade of your house and so we take care of the coverings in the roof, roof penetrations, skylights, and flashlights.

Interior home inspection Ann Arbor

We detect all the major defects at the interior of your house namely the stairs, doors, windows, callings and walls, fireplace, railings and ceiling fans.

We are the best in terms of home inspection service. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us at Homeinspectorannarbor.com right now for the best experience.

You can get in touch with us at any time and we will provide you with all the assistance required to make a confident decision about your property.
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