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Improper Electrical Wiring

Around 19.9% of the survey respondents commented about improper electrical wiring when asked about the home defects they mostly encountered. Improper electrical wiring often results in inadequate overload protection, insufficient electrical service, as well as an amateur, dangerous, wiring connection.

Poor Drainage and Improper Grading

Almost 35.8% of the survey respondents said that they faced improper grading or drainage in the properties they visited. Improper surface grading or drainage can be the main cause for other common household problems like water infiltration in the basement or the crawl space.

Heating systems

Unsafe exhaust disposal, blocked chimneys, as well as broken or malfunctioning operation controls all come under this category.

Damaged Roof

Around 8.5% of the survey respondents reported about this problem. According to the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors (CAHPI) members, roof leakage is a problem that they face at regular intervals. Mostly these issues are caused by old and damaged shingles or by improper flashing.

Plumbing issues

Plumbing issues may not be the main problem, but they still rank on the higher side. Mostly old and incompatible piping materials, faulty fixtures as well as waste lines are the major problems when it comes to plumbing.

Poor Maintenance

A house not maintained properly will generally fetch problems such as cracked, peeling, or dirty painted surfaces, crumbling masonry, broken fixtures or appliances or makeshift wiring or plumbing problems. Not only home inspectors but also an inexperienced homebuyer can notice this issue.

Poor Ventilation

It is often noticed that many homeowners seal their homes thoroughly thinking of saving energy, but that ends in the trapping of the excess moisture inside their houses resulting in rotting and failure of structural and the non-structural elements.

Structural Problems

A structural problem is often caused by the problems we have discussed in the above list. If a house sustains damage to its structural parts, it can affect areas such as floor joists, foundation walls, doors and window headers, and rafters.


This refers to the damages in a home’s exterior, which includes wall surfaces, broken doors, and windows. Structurally these might not have any importance but they can cause water and air penetration. Mostly weather stripping and caulking are the common reasons for these problems.

Other Miscellaneous Problems

This includes the interior component of a house, and mostly the problems falling under it are cosmetic. There are very few people who encounter these types of issues during the home inspection process, therefore they do not have any particular rank in the survey.

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